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International Conference on Advancements in Polymeric Materials: Trends and Technology (APM 2010) on Feb. 20 – 22, 2010 at CIPET Bhubaneswar.

Shri Bijoy Chatterjee, I.A.S., Secretary to Govt. of India, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals delivering Inaugural Address


The Chief Guest and dignitaries of the function
  Shri Sourabh Garg, I.A.S., Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Industry Dept., Govt. of Orissa addressing during the inaugural session

A view of the eminent personalities who participated in the Inaugural address
  Shri Bipin M. Shah, Vice President, PlastIndia Foundation, Mumbai addressed during the inauguration

The Conference Proceedings was released by Shri Bijoy Chatterjee, I.A.S., Secretary, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Govt. of India.
  A glimpse of the Cultural program during inaugural session

A glimpse of the Cultural program during inaugural session
  Dignitaries during the cultural program at the inaugural session

Prof. Stephen McCarthy, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA delivered lecture on “ Biodegradable and Biobased Polymer Blends”
  Prof. Ramani Narayan, Michigan State University, USA delivered lecture on “Using "BIO" in plastics for reducing carbon footprint and environmentally responsible end-of-life strategy”

Prof. Mohini Sain, University of Toronto, Canada delivered lecture on “Overview of Opportunity for Natural Fibre Composites in Green Economy”
  Prof. Amar Mohanty, University of Guelph, Canada delivered lecture on “ Natural Fibre Composites and All Green Composites for a Sustainable Manufacturing: Where We Are and Future Directions!”

Prof. A K Banthia, IIT Kharagpur delivered lecture on “ Dendritic Macromolecule: An Architectural Delight”
  Prof. Kripa Varanasi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA delivered lecture on “Nanoengineered Materials for Energy and Water”

Prof. S Bandyopadhyay, University of South Wales, Australia delivered lecture on “Advanced utilization of fly ash as active filler in polymers to improve properties”
  Prof. P L Nayak, PLN Foundation, Cuttack delivered lecture on “Nanomedicine: A Miracle Diagnostic And Therapeutic Nanotechnology In The 21st Century For Health Care”

Prof. Francesco Paolo La Mantia, Università di Palermo, Italy gave a invited talk on “Recycling of Post-Consumer Plastics: Overview and Perspectives”
  Dr. Greg Heness, UNSW gave a invited talk on “Hybrid Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites”

Prof. Manjusri Misra, Univ. of Guelph gave a invited talk on “Electrospun Nanofibre Architectures: A New Class of Nanowovens - Current Status and Future Directions in Advanced Polymer Nanotechnology”
  Prof. Steven Mojo, BPI USA gave a invited talk on “The Latest Developments for Compostable Products iPn North America”

Poster Display
  Poster Display

Cultural program in progress
  Cultural program in progress

HAPPY MOMENTS OF CONFERENCE! – Prof. Bandopadhyay with the Students
  Prof. (Dr.) S.K. Nayak, Professor and Chair- LARPM and Director General of CIPET thanking the participants of the APM 2010

The enthusiastic participants of APM 2010
  Prof. Bandopadhyay , University of New South Whales, Australia expressing his views about the Conference during the Concluding Session

Prof. (Dr.) S.N. Maiti, IIT Delhi giving his views about the Conference
  Prof. Mohini Sain, University of Toronto, Canada during the Valedictory function of APM 2010

Prof. A.K. Banthia, IIT Kharagpur sharing his views of APM 2010
  Stall at the Conference

Stall at the Conference



I had a wonderful experience during APM2010 and hats on for the planning execution and the event is memorable one. The delibrations are very useful for our further buildup and i congradulate and thank you and your team for the same. The paper of my invited talk has been sent to you but unfortunately it is not included in the proceedings but they have added the abstract of my talk. I once again thank you all for the useful APM2010 and hope to join for the APM2011.


Many thanks for your kind mail. In fact, I was already planning to write you on this matter. I am really amazed after attending this conference. The way the conference was organized by the CIPET family by inviting the peers in the field, managing the sessions and the overall hospitality was excellent. I rate that APM 2010 is one of the best conference ever I attended and believe that LARMP is totally competent to organize this type International conference in future. I and my research group will love to attend and collaborate with your esteemed institution.

I am really astonished the type of processing and characterization facility under the same roof has been created at CIPET/ LARMP by your able leadership. I am sure that the organization will flourish as one the most leading polymer research institute in this globe.

Definitely, this conference will help me to frame an active collaboration with some the International invitees. I assured you to have more active collaboration of my research group in your planned future event “The 2nd International Conference on Advancement of Polymeric materials during January 22-24, 2011”.

If you allow us we would like to a make short visit (date/time to be decided) for our M.Tech. and Ph. D. students, so that they can see the excellent polymer processing and research facility that have been created in CIPET/LARMP Bhubaneswar.


I congratulate you and your esteemed colleagues for the remarkable event : APM-2010. It was really amaging.

I wish you the best carreer in the span of your brilliant life span.

I pray lord jaganath for your more, and more achievements.


Thank you so much for inviting me to LARPM. I was really impressed by the capabilities and more importantly the energy and excitement among the students and faculty as well as your amazing leadership of this great institution. I would be delighted to continue to be involved with CIPET/LARPM and greatly look forward to several exciting collaborations. I have talked to both the secretary and joint secretary about several ideas we could partner in and also about how much CIPET can play a central role in solving some of the important challenges for India. There are several avenues including, The US-India Frontiers of Engineering, World Bank, National Science Foundation(NSF), and also possibly via NSF-DST combined funding programs. We have to plan on how we could move forward with this initial momentum about raising funding to look at these challenges together. I have mentioned about CIPET/LARPM to my dept head Prof. Mary Boyce and have got her excited about this.

Once again my heart-felt thanks for everything. Please convey my regards to everyone. I greatly look forward to future collaborations.


Thank you Sir. I am really very happy to attend your conference and enjoyed it. It was wonderful and had an excellent touch to the heart. In view of this, I take an opportunity to extend a vote of sincere thanks to you and to all of your colleagues on behalf of all delegates and participants for organizing such a mega event under your expert and cordial guidance. I also felt that the entire CIPET family whole heartedly cooperated to bring it to excellent success. Once again I thank you Sir for remembering me.


I express my special thanks for inviting for invited talk. I am very happy with your hospitablity and arrangement made during APM-2010. Your employees and students all are very pollite in language and helpful. The confernce under your leadership was very nice. I will be happy if you remind once again for an invited talk in second APM at any of your CIPET centre.