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CIPET calibration laboratory at Lucknow is accredited as per ISO/ IEC: 17025: 2005 by NABL, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of. India. Our laboratory currently provides quality instrument calibration services to manufacturing, Research and Development, Testing and Engineering organizations nationwide. High accuracy master equipments, trained personnel and strict environmental conditions are maintained by CIPET calibration centre. High precision measuring and calibration equipments of reputed makes can be supplied to meet customer’s requirements.

Our laboratory offers calibration services for the following types of general purpose test equipments.

Dimension Vernier calliper, Micrometer, Dial gauge, Thickness gauge, measuring tape/Pie Tape/Steel scale, height gauge
Temperature Temperature controller, Temperature sensor, Temperature Indicators, Glass thermometer, water bath
Volume Burette/ pipette/ Measuring Flask, RD Bottle etc.
Time & RPM ass thermometer, water bath
Pressure, force and Mass Pressure gauges, Load Cells (UTM), Tensile and Compression machine, Weight Box and weights, Electronic Balance, Spring Balance
Electrical calibration ACV/DCV – Voltmeter (AC and DC)
ACI/ DCI – Ammeter
Resistance – Ohm-meter
DCI/Resistance – Multi meter
Frequency – Frequency Controller
Capacitance – LCR Meter
Insulation – 100 M 2G M Insulation
Resistance – Resistance tester
Power (AC/DC) - Wattmeter