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     ABOUT US  

CIPET Hajipur was established in the year 1994 to cater the needs of Plastics Industries in Bihar & other adjoining areas. The Institute is situated in sacred land of Vaishali and spread over a sprawling area of 5.65 acres having Administrative building, Library, Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel and adequate green landscape for extracurricular activities and fully equipped with all the latest machines & Equipments in the field of Tooling, Plastics processing, Testing and Quality Control for Plastics, Design & CAD / CAM centre to meet the customer requirements.

The facilities of the Centre have been modernized through World Bank / OIDB assistance. The Institute is well equipped with latest audiovisual facilities and Computers with advanced CAD software. As per ISO / IEC 17025:1999, the testing laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Dept. Of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

  Product & mold design  
  Auto CAD for Dies & Moulds  
  I-DEAS, Pro-Engineers, MDT inventor  
  Latest work stations with LAN / Wan connectivity  
  Wire cut EDM - Electronica Machine – Model : Maxicut  
  Wire cut EDM - Electronica Machine – Model : Ultracut –S2(submersible type)  
  CNC EDM - ECOWIN,Taiwan - Model : MIC 432CS – 02 Nos  
  CNC milling machine – Haas,USA - Model : Toolroom mill 1  
  CNC milling machine – Haas,USA - Model : Mini Mill  
  CNC Vertical Machining Centre – Haas,USA - Model : VF-3YT  
  CNC LATHE machine - Haas,USA - Model : TL-1  
     Vertical Milling machine with DRO          –           BFW - Model: VF2 – 04 No’s  
     Universal Milling machine with DRO       –           BFW - Model: UF2 – 01 No  
     Vertical Milling machine                          –           HMT - Model: FN2V – 01 No  
     Vertical Turret Milling machine               –           HMT - Model: MITR – 01 No  
     Lathe                                                    –           HMT - Model: NH 22 – 01 No  
     High precision Lathe                             –           Esteem – Model: ETM 510 -01 No  
     Hydraulic Surface Grinder                      –           ELB - 02 No’s  
     Hydraulic Surface Grinder                      –           HMT - Model: SFW 1  
     Hydraulic Surface Grinder                      –           HMT-Praga- Model: 452P  
     Cylindrical Grinding machine                  –           HMT - Model: K130U  
  Radial Drilling machine                           –           HMT - Model: RM62  
  Pantograph engraving Machine  
  2D Height Master                                   –           Mitutoyo – LH 600  
  Wide Range of Measuring & Inspection Instruments  
  CNC Simulators  
Sl. No. Name of the Machine Model Make
1 Automatic Injection Moulding Machine 20 Ton FR-20 DGP Windsor
2 Automatic Injection Moulding Machine (Vertical) 30 Ton JIM-7HAC Texair
3 Semi-automatic Injection Moulding Machine 30 Ton JIM-10H Texair
4 Pneumatic Injection Molding Machine Shot cap.-45 gm JIM-1 Texair
5 Automatic Injection Moulding Machine 80 Ton EC-100 S Engel
6 Automatic Injection Moulding M/c 130 Ton - HMT
7 Automatic Injection Moulding Machine 140 Ton EPM-140 Electronica
8 Semi-automatic Compression
Moulding M/c
30 Ton - CIPET Chennai
9 Automatic Compression Moulding M/c 100 Ton Pressman Maliksons
10 Automatic Blow Moulding Machine 2 Ltr - Allied
11 Automatic Blow Moulding Machine 1/2 Ltr 1/2 Lt BLW Ahura
12 Scrap Grinder 50 Kg/Hr - SVEI
13 Portable Heat Sealing Machine - - Eee-Cee
14 Mechanical Heat Sealing Machine - F0240B Eee-Cee
15 Pneumatic Heat Sealing Machine - Pneumat-600 Plasto pack
16 Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine - SG-25-500M Roop Telesonic Ultrasonix
17 Pad Printing Machine - MX-150 Sceen graph
18 Rigid PVC Pipe Extrusion Plant - PMP-200 Sceen graph
19 BLACK & WHITE Die dia.- 20 mm 30 mm BEC Boolani
20 Hydraulic Trainer - HYD-02 Niyo Software
21 Hot Air Gun for Welding - - Eee-Cee
22 Arc Sealing Machine - - Eewa
23 Thermo Forming Machine - - Wonder Pack
24 High Speed Mixture 1440 RPM AR-40 Arun
25 Hot Air Oven - UF060 Uniforce
26 Rotational Moulding Machine - Lab-Model CIPET Ahmedabad
27 Extruder & Pelletizing Set up - MPF-65 Supreme
28 Colour Blender Cap.-25 kg AR-25 Arun
  Specimen Preparation  
  Physio Mechanocal Lab  
     Tensile, Flexural, Compressive, Shear, Impact, Hardness, Abrasion Resistance, Coefficient of    Friction, Creep, Fatigue, Burst, Tear etc.  
  Thermal / Rheological  
     Computerized Melt Flow Index, Heat Distortion, Softening Point, Heat Stability, Flammabilty,    Oxygen Index, Torque Rheometer, DSC & TGA  
  Optical / Electrical  
     Opacity, Carbon Black Dispersion, Dielectric Strength, Volume & Surface Resistivity, Comparative    Tracking Index  
  Chemical / Permeance  
     Identification & Chemical Analysis, Carbon Black Content, Chemical Resistance, Viscosity, Molecular    Weight, K-Value, Acetone Extraction, ESCR, Heat Ageing / Thermal Ageing, Atomic Absorption    Spectrometer (Effect on Water)  
  Product Testing  
     Testing of Pipes, Fittings, Films, Milk & Ghee pouches, Milk Crates, Rotomoulded Tanks, and    Containers as per Indian & International Standards.  
  Services we specialize in…  
     Man Power training on Plastics - conducted many DST/State Govt sponsored programmes on CAD    /Toolroom/Processing and FRP techniques.  
  Technical services  
     Preparation of project reports for plastic industries.  
     Testing & Inspection  
     Development of Molds  
     Blow molding  
     Injection Molding  
     Inspection gauges for PVC pipes  
  Other services we offer…  
     CNC Machining  
     Wire cut Machining  
     Ram EDM  
  Industries Served  
     Consumer Products  
     Design & Engineering Services  
     Industrial Components  
     Mold, Tool & Die  
     Defence and Railways