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Special Achievements
  Achievements in Processing  
  Compounding of PP material with different types of Nano Composites.  
  Compounding of PEEK Material for Gharda chemicals.  
  Compounding of PES Materials Gharda chemicals.  
  Compounding of PC material for GE Co Bangalore.  
  Compounding of PC & Nylon blend with grafted EPDM.  
  Compounding of ABS & Scratch resistant powder for M/S 20 Micron.  
  Compounding of master batch with 60% loading without side feeder for M/S Som Shiva Impex.  
  Compounding of 50% carbon black with LDPE for Sun Petro Chemicals.  
  Compounding of fibre glass material with PP  
  Injection moulding of Bell Jar using of maximum capacity of machine.  
  Injection moulding of computer connector with flash control of 100 micron.  
  Three layer film of PES Materials with HDPE Gharda chemicals  
  Achievements in consultancy  
  Consultancy to Rasna for Blow molded Bottle  
  Consultancy to Basera Exports for “Mixing of two different grades of PP Materials”  
  Consultancy to Meghmani Organics Ltd Panoli “Polymer Filter Pressure Test of Pigmented PP”  
  Achievements outside CIPET  
  Erection & commissioning of disposable Syringe Plant at Jalandhar.  
  Injection moulding machine Installation.  
  Cooling Plant machine development.  
  Soft Blister Machine development  
  Printing machine development (Pad printing & Screen printing )  
  ETO Sterilization plant development.  
  Disposable Syringe product design(5 ml & 2 ml )  
  Hot runner 48 Cavity mould development.